In its simplest form, hydroponics is the art of growing plants without soil. Plants are grown by standing their roots in a nutrient-rich solution, making them grow much faster.


The hydroponics systems we have developed over the years, allows anyone to grow their own crops and plans, even when they have limited space.


At Hydroponics in Action, we have had great success using numerous different systems, designed to make hydroponics simple, cost-effective and to deliver great crops and plants:


  • Flat NFT system 


  • Bell syphon deep bed system 

  • Hanging wet walls 

  • Hanging waterfall filter garden systems for fish ponds 

  • Vertical walls 

  • A frame system 

  • Hybridized Dutch bucket system 


It is important to remember that hydroponics is not only suitable for growing vegetables. Ornamental flowers and succulents grow well too.