Hydroponics in Action


Hydroponics in Action is a Johannesburg-based hydroponics and aquaponics company that helps people start their own hydroponics gardens. With our systems, anyone can have a garden, regardless of how much or how little space you have available.


At Hydroponics in Action, we offer sound advice, problem-solving and value for money on our products. All our products, barring the pumps, are made in South Africa, so we are proud supporters of Made in South Africa.


The systems are easy to set-up and maintain and the nutrients we use, are produced in South Africa and have shown excellent results.


Graham Large, owner and founder of Hydroponics in Action, joined a small fish farming operation in Hartebeeshoek in 2011.


Together with his partners they successfully built up the operation to include a tunnel and four ponds holding approximately 7000 fish, and three dams to hold the excess stock.


During this time, he began to see the benefits of growing vegetables using the waste (backwash) water from the ponds. Where the wastewater was deposited on the ground plants grew at a far quicker rate than the surrounding soil.


Based on this knowledge, he developed the GLAIR (GL Aquaponic Interlocking Raft), a system which floated directly on the ponds to grow lettuce and quickly realised that this was a far quicker method to generate an income than from the fish.


He started experimenting with pure hydroponics, as he found that only lettuce was growing well from the nitrates in the pond water. This was due to certain trace elements, which are important to vegetable growth, not being present.


He developed the flat NFT systemwhich remains a very effective way of growing leafy vegetables and the propagation of seeds.


He ventured into full-time hydroponics in 2014 and started developing out of the box systems such as the double-sided wet wall and hanging waterfall filter garden.




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